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Mindmill Science

Mindmill uses proven scientific techniques to deliver accurate results.


Based on proven theoretical models, Mindmill have developed a range of standardised and validated assessments such as: Behavioural/Personality, Cognitive, Motivational and Work preferences.

Predictive Ability

Psychometric assessments have been proven to predict future job performance. The Mindmill cognitive assessments effectively predict an individual’s natural ability to learn and acquire new skills and competencies. Mindmill personality assessments determine behaviours displayed at work; identifying ‘soft’ skills and potential ‘cultural’ fit.

Accurately Filter Candidates

Organisations can create a bench mark for a position, against which applications can be evaluated. Psychometrics provide a quick yet accurate way to achieve this. Only those candidates who have the most potential can progress through to the interview stage.

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Mindmill Technology

Mindmill’s cloud based technology platform allows us to deliver HR Solutions globally to our clients in both the public and private sectors. As well as possessing our own in-house Psychometric Assessments and HR Technology Solutions, Mindmill also have the capability to create new HR Solutions for our clients which can seamlessly integrate into their current HR Workflow Process.

Intuitive, Online Platform

Mindmill technology has been designed specifically for measurement in the human capital lifecycle.

  • Modern intuitive interface
  • Use on any device or web browser
  • Optimised for touch screen
  • No 3rd party applications

Customisable Solution

Mindmill's technology modules can be tailored completely to meet your requirements. Mindmill offer a client-centric designed interface and HR process.

  • Branded portal
  • Security access levels
  • Tailored assessments
  • Bespoke reporting

Seamless, Automated Solution

Mindmill technology can be integrated into any HR technology framework or platform to offer full automation on any HR process.

  • Centralised assessment data; assessments scored instantly
  • Business intelligence module: offering all associated HR information
  • Reduced HR administration
  • Automated emailing campaigns and data gathering
  • Data forwarding to HRMS/ERP
  • Seamless transition between systems/sites
  • Data sharing and single sign on capability.

Robust, Secure Solution

Mindmill provide 24/7 global email support, plus dedicated telephone support during UK office hours if required. All Mindmill technology is hosted on dedicated web servers, located in the UK. All maintenance on these servers is carried out by Mindmill technical staff in-house.

  • Mindmill service level agreement; guarantees a minimum 99.5% service availability 24/7, 365 days per year
  • Assessment security; deploys ‘Item Generation Theory’, eliminating the ability of test compromise.
  • Technology has been penetration tested for use in Government, corporate organisations and financial institutions.
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Further advantages to using Mindmill

Hosted online assessment system

Intuitive, user friendly, easy to administer

24/7 system administration

Assessments completed in less than an hour

Further enhancement of the system if required, including accessibility options, e.g. screen text-to-voice readers

Unique and powerful result processing and norm comparison algorithms

Produce new algorithms based on data from current assessments, instantly correlate with other HR info in a company

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